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  Tue & Thur  (7-9)

  Tue & Thur (TBD)

  Tue & Thur  (6-9)

  Tue & Thur  (6-9)

  Tue & Thur  (4-7)

  Tue & Thur  (6-9)

  Tue & Thur  (4-7)

Tue & Thur (TBD)

  Tue & Thur  (6-9)

  Tue & Thur  (6-9)


Welding I, II, III

Welding:  through CCAC

R 134 Training  (Vehicle Refrigerant)

Landscape Design Basics

Blueprint Reading (Basic)

Dimensioning/Tolerance (GD&T)  Basic Machining

Basic Machining CCAC

Home Electrical Repair Basics

Auto Body Repair Basics


April 14 – May 21

Nov 4 - April 8

Jan  14 – Feb  6

Jan  14 – Feb  6

Jan  14 – Feb  6

Mar 10 – Mar 19

Jan  14 - March 5

TBD 20-21 SY

Jan 14   - Feb 20

Jan 14   - Feb 20









23 cr


























mat included


mat included

mat included

+ book

+ book

book / mat incl.


book + mat inc

mat included


  ServSafe® Food Safety                          Dates and cost TBD by instructor, call 724-6024, ext. 202 for a referral 

  PA State Vehicle Inspection                Dates TBD by instructor, call 724-6024, ext. 204         $200     $240

  PA State Vehicle Inspection                $40 for each additional category test

$40 for each additional category test

  CDL Training                                            Offered through PA Pride- call (814) 670-0726


See what you are capable of!
We offer over 300 instructor - facilitated online courses @ $115.00 in these areas...

Creating Web Pages

Web Graphics

Computer Applications

PC Troubleshooting

Medical Terminology

Start Your Own Business

Sales & Marketing


Courses for Teachers


Grant Writing

**Northern Pennsylvania Regional College Site (NPRC-Brochures available in the school office)**


Rolling Registration: Secure your seat in class by printing off the online application, filling it out, sending it in, or dropping it off in the main office of the CCCTC with your check or money order. REGISTRATION: Sign-up @CCCTC: January 7 (Tues) and 9 (Thurs.) 2020, 1:00 - 7:00 p.m. Or Call 814-724-6024, extension 210 or 202 to schedule an appointment or for information. Unless otherwise noted, all classes run from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

All courses are contingent upon a minimum enrollment of six (6) participants.



*Resident Tuition is based on if the student lives in the Crawford Central, Conneaut, or PENNCREST School Districts.   If the student lives outside these school districts they are charged the non-resident tuition.


Welding I, II, III - (through CCCTC) 24 hours


Welding I/II/III students will be introduced, and continue on where they left off in previous experiences, to the basics of welding.  Students will be required to listen to the safety procedures that must be followed when beginning to weld, and also the basic theory of how a welder works. Students will be introduced to welding using stick, MIG and TIG welding techniques.  Students will have an understanding of how to set up a stick, MIG, and TIG welder, how the speed and heat controls work to their own specifications to produce an accurate weld.   Students are to provide their own protective attire: long-sleeve shirt, long pants (jeans), welding gloves, basic welding helmet, safety glasses and work shoes/boots.  Limited items are available to use if there is a financial hardship but are on a first come first serve basis.


Welding: Certification through Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)


The Welding Technology Certification is designed to train individuals for employment in the welding technology industry and provides a path toward completion of an associate’s degree.  Students have the opportunity to become certified welders using American Welding Society’s (AWS) codes and standards and are eligible to take the AWS D1.1 and D1.5 Certification Test.  Increasingly, most welding jobs now require welders to be certified.  This is a yearlong course that culminates in 18 college credits.  For information contact Mr. Lance Hummer @, some funding could possibly be available through CareerLink.  CareerLink contact is Dennis McCune ( or Misty O’Connor (814-853-0910 or



R 134 Vehicle Refrigerant Certification - 24 hours (Must be 18 or older) New REGS per PA


This course is designed for anyone who works in the vehicle industry and needs to become certified, and wants to learn about the new regulations and how to use the refrigerant in order to maintain the vehicle’s air conditioning unit appropriately and safely. Students will learn the information necessary to take the online test to obtain their R134 certification.  Bring a friend to sign up also and take the class together.  Bring your questions and vehicle air conditioning concerns to discuss with the instructor.


Landscape Design Basics - 24 hours


Sign up and bring in a picture of your property where you would like to landscape!!!  Learn about planting designs and plants that are best suited for your project, what designs you have in mind, develop a list of materials you will need, the cost of materials, places to purchase materials, and what steps you need to take before beginning the project, how long the steps will take to completion, and the maintenance involved with your design.   This is a great course for couples to take in order to make certain you are both on the same page in terms of visions of what the landscape design will look like.  Students taking the course will learn how to use a landscaping computer program so they can print off and take their ideas home, as well as, show stores exactly what products you are looking for.  Get a start for next year’s yard projects!



Blueprint Reading: Basic - 24 hours


This course is designed to provide the student with the basic skills to interpret metal shop drawings. Emphasis is placed on interpreting orthographic projection and tolerance application.

LEARNING OUTCOMES—upon successful completion of the course, the student will:


• Identify title block and interpret information.

• Identify line types and uses.

• Identify views.

• Sketch one, two, and three view parts.

• Identify tolerances and applications.

• Identify and understand Finish symbols.

• Identify and interpret GD&T Symbols.

• Interpret Assembly drawings.

• Identify and understand weld symbols



• Title blocks

• Orthographic projection

• Tolerances

• Finish and GD& T symbols

• Assembly drawings


Dimensioning/Tolerance (GD & T) - 12 hours


In this class students will experience more detailed blueprints and get a better understanding of what Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing is all about; how it is used, when it is used, and why it is different.  In the classroom we will take a look at the symbols, applications and interpretations of GD&T and how it relates to today’s industry and prints.  Students will be encouraged to bring in shop prints to use as examples during class if they have access to them.


Basic Precision Machining- 48 hours


The Intro (Basic) Machining course covers how the machines work, such as round work - lathe, holes drilled- mill, shapes machined – mill/surface grinder, the very basics.  The course covers/reviews basic blueprint reading, enough to make a part, basic operation and set-up of the manual lathes, manual mills and manual surface grinders.  Milling and grinding a part flat, square and parallel, turning, facing, and drilling.  Students will also assemble the parts they make during the course.  Blueprint reading and theory will be covered/reviewed every class to promote hands-on machine time.  Based on the level of ability in the class, the instructor may go more in depth with some students who are catching on quickly.


Machining Technician: Certification through Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC)


The Machine Technician Certificate Program is designed to train individuals for entry-level employment in the machine and manufacturing industry and provides a path toward completion of an associate’s or bachelor’s degree and provides an entry into the other fields of manufacturing and engineering technology. Students have the opportunity to work in a project-oriented environment with an emphasis on precision, quality, and development of sound work attitudes and skills.   For information contact Mr. Lance Hummer @, some funding could possibly be available through CareerLink.  CareerLink contact is Dennis McCune ( or Misty O’Connor (814-853-0910 or


Electrical Home Repair Basics - 36 hours


Are you a DIY’er?! Are you remodeling your home?  This course is a great way to learn how to run electrical wire, wire electrical switches and receptacles, and install breakers in your own home or business.  The course will consist of class time training, book resources, and lots of hands-on practice.  Bring your questions and ideas to discuss with the instructor!


Autobody Repair Basics - 30 hours


Is your vehicle in need of some Autobody repair?  Are you working on restoring a project vehicle or need to fix your vehicles to pass inspection?  Well then this is the class for you!  Learn how to use and shape body filler, prime and paint small patch projects.  You do not need any previous experience to take this course.  You will learn the basic terminology, the chemistry of how the materials work on metals, what products are available at local stores, and what tools you will need to have in order to conduct some basic Autobody repairs.  Bring your questions and concerns to discuss with the experienced instructor.  Save yourself some money by doing some simple repairs yourself. Students will need their own safety glasses and basic tool kit.  Harbor Freight sells a 7-piece Maddox body and fender tool set for around $35 that would be sufficient for a beginner.  Some items are available to use on a first come first serve basis.



ServSafe Food Safety-


ServSafe is a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association. The program is accredited by ANSI and the Conference for Food Protection. Sanitation certification is required by most restaurants as a basic credential for their management staff.  Dates and times for the course are to be determined by the instructor.  For a referral to the instructor please call 814-724-6024 ext 202.  The Adult Education coordinator will give you the information you need to contact the ServSafe instructor.


PA State Vehicle Inspection Class


Pennsylvania requires vehicle safety inspections to ensure that vehicles are maintained for safe operation. Yearly Safety Inspections can prevent vehicle failure on the highways and crashes that may result in injuries or death.  Vehicle safety inspections are performed at official PennDOT Inspection Stations (usually a repair garage or a service station with a repair shop).  If you are interested in obtaining your vehicle state inspection license, please call the CCCTC 814-724-6024 ext. 204 for inquiries and to sign up.  The cost for the course is $200.00 for a resident and $240.00 for a non-resident.  Please note that each additional category test is a charge of $40.00.  (See notes for resident vs nonresident fees on the schedule page).


CDL Training


Get in the Driver’s seat today for a better tomorrow!  Potentially earn 35K-40K as a new driver, Local, regional, and national companies hiring now!  This training is offered through PA Pride.  5 week program (Class A / Air brakes), 6 week program (Class A / Air brakes, Hazmat, Tanker), and 40/80 Hour refresher training.  CDL Classes Starting Now!  Please call 1-814-670-0726 for more information or to sign up.  Tuition assistance available for those who qualify.  Call today!


Online Courses with ed2go


We also work through ed2go to offer online courses!  Want to learn online?  Go to the ed2go banner on the Crawford County Career and Technical Center website and search through the hundreds of online courses offered.  Ed2go offers well over 300 Instructor-facilitated online courses @ approximately $100.  It’s quick and simple.  All you have to do is search the classes offered, then pay directly through ed2go and start your classes!  Learn at times convenient for your hectic schedule!


Northern Pennsylvania Regional College Site   (NPRC-Brochures available in the school office)


The Crawford County Career and Technical Center is a host site for the NPRC.  Many individuals in our community attend distant learning college classes here at the tech center in order to further their college career.  Brochures for course offerings are available in the school office, on the NPRC website, and also through the onsite coordinator Steve Carr @ 814-584-0002 or

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